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32” Sitdown

Or Standup





Quality Flush Mounted 19” LCD 4:3 Monitor

Suits Horizontal Game Board,

Arcade Sticker Pack

Single Player Controls,

Dual Players,

6 Buttons per player,

Free Play  -  No Coins Required,

LED Dual Player Start Buttons,

Led Strip Under Playboard,


Overhead Twin 3” LED Speakers


True Front Volume Control,


Button Colours, Locations & Stickers May Vary


450mm wide x 530mm Depth x 1730mm High


Some Console’s Pictured Have Options Fitted.  Button Colours & Stickers Will Vary

12  Months Warranty  -  Back to base

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From  $ 995

Machine Pics

60 in 1 in White,  $749

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Series III Rapid Fire



Great for fast shooting or Fighting games,  Enables you to

Control ANY Button with the Adjustable Auto Rapid Firing

Module. Great to get you past those hard to complete levels.

Extra LED Action Button added so you can quickly choose

between Standard or Rapid Modes, New Silent running Module. This module does not shoot or Enable faster controls than the game was designed for. 

2 Player $119

Series II LED Upgrade



Replaces buttons with LED backlit buttons.  LED Multi 8

Channel control module is Fitted, this controls all the LED

buttons to light up in Multiple Pre Programmed Patterns.

Front Strip Lighting is also Supplied, We then

add a special spacer, mesh and LED for the Side Vents

This Option Really transforms this Affordable

Arcade Machine.



60+  $99

520+  $129

Amp Stereo Added


Replaces the Jamma Boards Mono Amplifier to a stereo

amplifier,  Controls are upgraded to include bass and treble

for quality sound.  Huge improvement in game play sounds

And Blue tooth audio playback.  (if optioned)

Cannot be added to the 60 in 1 board.


LED 8 Way Joystick



Upgrades Joystick (s) from zippy type to

8 way Multi Coloured LED Quality Joystick





Side Stickers



Machine Side Stickers to suit 520 in 1 or larger boards.  Covers

both sides of the machine only.




1 Player $99

19” Screen, LED Joysticks  $1040

0430 093 448

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AUTO 4 or 8 Way LED Joystick



Automatic selectable 4 or 8 way joystick,
Automatic or fixed multi colour led feature,
This joystick is a user selectable 8 or 4 way joystick by the push of a led mode button.
Games played using a 8 way joystick but design for a 4 way joystick are very hard to play quickly and accurately.
By pushing the selection button you can select either 4 or 8 way on your joystick, the button fades between red and blue to indicate which mode the joystick is in.
The joystick will slowly rotate between different colours, if you wish to turn the led function on the joystick off, hold the selection button down for 5 seconds until it turns off.
To manually select your own colour and stay on that colour, hold the selection button down until you have found the colour that you want, this will also alloy you to choose no colour or colour fading also.

Per Joystick $149