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Quality Flush Mounted 32” LCD Screen

5mm Toughened safety Glass

Suits Horizonal Jamma Games Board,

Arcade Sticker Pack,

Dual Player Controls,

6 Buttons Per Player,

Free Play  -  No Coins Required,

Led Player Start Buttons,

Led Strip Under Playboard,

Twin LED Speakers,

Side Cooling Vents,

Button Colours, Locations & Stickers May Vary


Sitdown 840mm wide x 600mm Depth x 1350mm High,  Standup 1750mm High


12  Months Parts Warranty

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32” Sitdown

Or Standup





Machine Pics


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0430 093 448

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From  $1595

Sitdown Upright

LCD Version

From  $1695

Standup LCD Version


We have designed our own computer software and hardware to interface with the Arcade Machine, this enables a more enjoyable game play with visual feedback features. 


We modify the internal Jamma board to output Stereo sound instead of the standard Mono, then add a surround sound processor system.


Total of 6 Speakers are supplied for the Machines.

Top 2 Speakers are left and Right Channels,

Bottom 2 Speakers are for Surround Sound,

2 Smaller Woofers or 1 Large Woofer under the machine for Bass,



We also give you access to the Service Mode,  this enables you to control the difficulty of each game and alter settings such as lives and other features for each game.  You can also hide certain games from the menu if you choose to do so.


We give you a LED mode button that will change your led button patterns, some of which are design to react to your game sounds.


Under each machine are RGB Multi coloured LEDs that change colours in different patterns depending on the led mode selected.


Digital Volume up and down Buttons have also been added.


Dual Rappid fire buttons have been added to help get you past those difficult levels.


Included are Full Side Stickers Available in:



DC Super Heros,


Mix of any above.


Extra Lower sticker added on the kick panel.


Larger Lower Panel under the keyboard,


Black or Red T-Mould Trimming.



WildPac Option

Total Machine Cost $2290 Sit Down or $2390 Standup


Connectivity Pack


This Option has everything “Wildpac” has and the following items:

2 x Rear HDMI inputs are Provided on a recessed panel.





















Total Machine Cost $2450 Sit Down or $2550 Standup


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